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nexImage licensing
The license to process images

nexImage is available in three different versions. The following table gives an overview of what the versions «Light», «Pro» and «Enterprise» offer.

Light Pro Enterprise
Picture catalogue
Upload function
Image filters
History functions
Layers -
Text tool -
Actions (macros) -
Custom skins -
Groups & Authorisations -
Operation on several servers - -
Custom assignment of licenses - -
One-time license price € 980.00 req. req.
Support license (per year) € 220.00 req. req.

In principle, a license is limited to one server (except enterprise license) and is personalised for the final user. A «final user» is defined as a single legal entity including all co-workers.

The support license contains current updates with bug-fixes and new functions plus a preferential treatment of support inquiries as well as their processing free of charge.

The prices listed are the recommended selling prices and do not include value-added tax and are not guaranteed.